The Conejo Valley area of Southern California encompasses Ventura and parts Los Angeles County and features some of the most beautiful, luxurious, and desired properties in the state. Places like Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, and Lake Sherwood have a wealth of gorgeous homes.

True Luxury

What is it about this area that helps to make it so popular? It’s a combination of factors, all starting with the quality of homes.

While there are smaller homes in the area that are comfortable, potential buyers also like that there are so many beautiful estate-style properties. These homes can offer more space and privacy than what buyers can find in other areas. Those looking for safe communities with a greener setting than what they can find living in the heart of Los Angeles seek out this area.

People are willing to pay a premium for these homes and the luxury they can offer, too. This bodes well for those who are hoping to sell.

Aside from the beauty and luxury of the homes, why else are people looking to buy in this area? These areas tend to have excellent schools, great shopping, and nearby dining, making places like Lake Sherwood and Calabasas a convenient place to call home.

Sellers should make it a point to use all these external benefits of living in the area in their listings. While the home should be the focus of the listing, providing more information regarding some of the community benefits and features can help to entice more buyers to consider your property.

What Are the Selling Trends?

Currently, it is a seller’s market in Conejo Valley. This means that there are more buyers seeking properties than there are homes for sale. This is good news if you will be selling your luxury property soon, as you should have your choice of buyers. This often means that you make a more significant profit on your property, as well, since you may have multiple people trying to buy.

Available homes are not staying on the market for as long as they did a year ago, as more people are looking to buy in this area. This is another good sign for sellers. It means that they could have someone buy their property faster than they had anticipated.

All the signs are indicating that the strong housing market in the area will continue well into 2021. The low number of homes for sale and low-interest rates help push the demand higher, and the prices are increasing because of this. It’s estimated that home prices could increase by as much as 1.3% in the coming year.

Now is an ideal time to sell a luxury property. Even though the world is still dealing with a pandemic, many people who have the means are ready and willing to buy. The pandemic could even be helping to enable higher sales in areas like the Conejo Valley. People are looking to get a bit further from the crowded cities, and places like Lake Sherwood and Calabasas are ideal.